Jumpian – Endlich wieder Lehrer sein!

Jumpian - Be teacher again!

Your trustworthy student and mark management tool for more time and order in your everday work as a teacher

Do you spend hours and hours at your desk, trying to complete your documentation and plan your lesson for the next day? Do you dream of having more time for your students and their parents? We can help you: administrative tasks are done easily and efficiently by Jumpian, if you prefer, even during the lessons.

Why Jumpian?

Student/Class archive

Data from former school years are archived and if needed, restored

Overview of absences

Entering absences directly, showing total absences and printing your overview

Task planning

Giving single and group tasks out and managing it clearly


Faster and more effective way of completing time-consuming tasks like checking homework

Student management

Managing sensitive data securely and uncomplicated

Weekly plan

Teachers conference, timetable or school trips - all events at a glance


Classroom activities, parents-teachers discussions and other processes record easily

Mark management 

Customize mark management to fit your needs

Data security

Only you have access to your encrypted data 


Secure synchronisation of sensitive data between multiple devices

Close Menu

Archive and restore classes and students with a single mouse click

Display your archived students within your classes in order to look at your historical data

Reports of archived classes/students are always available in order to deliver documents after request

Clear overview of your archive, which is sorted by class

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Register hours or days of absence with just a few clicks

Print out the absence in an appealing format

Get a clear overview of your students absences and their missed school days

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Note tasks of students and add a due-date

Highlight tasks as done and keep it as history

Create one task for multiple students as group- or class task

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Check attendance effortlessly

Control your students homework effective

Manage group tasks

Organize group observations

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Save basic information of your student like name, address, date of birth and contact info of their parents or legal guardians


Add teaching credentials easy and flexible
See at a glance what is planned in your week

Two weeks are similar? Simplify it: Copy your entire week

Take a look at the current day in the Cockpit

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Note how your students behave, which progress they made or how they integrate into class community

Add evaluations to your notes

Document contact to parents

Manage educational or disciplinary measures

Categorize your notes with help of standard category or add your own categories

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Create or import quickly and simply your subjects, areas and groups

Clear overview of grade average, progress of marks, certificates and reports

Define a marksystem per class and configure it individually

Add individual work with optional transcript-of-records-manager

Or save your time and add a entire class work

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Jumpian is neither a webbased, nor a cloudbased program. Your data and the data of your students are always saved on your local device where you have installed Jumpian. No data of students are sent.

Jumpian offers additionally an option to activate a password. The database is even better secured.

Your data can be synchronised fastly and easily between multiple devices with the help of the new feature.

The synchronisation transfers data encrypted. Only you have access to your data.